Pool Heaters

PowerPac™ Heat Pumps

Pool HeatersWith PowerPac™ Heat Pumps from Zodiac you can now easily control and personalise the temperature of your swimming pool water making every day a swim day!
PowerPac™ Heat Pumps are not only durable, as Titanium Polyamide is used in the manufacture of the condenser, they are also silent thanks to the use of cutting edge design. Energy efficient and easy to use, the PowerPac™ offers a cost effective option for heating your pool. As with all Zodiac Heat Pumps it comes with a lifetime warranty on the Titanium Polyamide condenser for true peace of mind.


  • The Most Ecological – 80% of the energy used by the PowerPac™ Pool Heater to heat the pool is taken from the surrounding air, which is a completely natural energy source. The refrigerants used also have no effect on the ozone layer.
  • The Quietest – Noise is a major consideration in the design of our PowerPac™ range of Heat Pumps. Thanks to the use of cutting-edge ventilation and compression technology, we’ve been able to develop exceptionally quiet products.
  • The Most Innovative – The Titanium Polyamide Technology, unique worldwide, guarantees total corrosion protection.
  • Energy Efficient – PowerPac™ Heat Pumps are extremely efficient and have an exceptional Coefficient of Performance (COP). This means that for every 1kW consumed by the compressor, the Heat Pump restores 5kW to the swimming pool, making it the most efficient Heat Pump available.
  • Easy to Use – Thanks to the digital control thermostat, you can easily select and adjust the exact pool temperature you require. Equipped with a flow switch, the Heat Pump starts and stops automatically at the same time as your filtration system.
  • Life-time warranty on the condenser.

How Your Product Works

Heat Pumps allow you to control the temperature of your swimming pool. With the addition of a pool heating system, swimming will be an absolute pleasure all year round.

Caring For Your Product

Repair work may only be carried out by an authorised technical assistance service using original spare parts only. Non-compliance therefore may have a negative influence on the operating safety of the Heat Pump. This Heat Pump may only be used for the purpose for which it was designed: to heat a swimming pool. All other uses must be considered inappropriate, incorrect or even dangerous.

Product Manual

To guarantee the efficiency and correct operation of the Heat Pump, it is important to ensure it is regularly maintained in compliance with the instructions provided by Zodiac. Be sure to consult the product manual you received when you purchased the product.