Salt Water Chlorinators

Clearwater TRi Series Salt Chlorinators

Tri Series Salt ChlorinatorThe TRi series ushers in a new era in water care with a range of modules that can be configured to suit every pool owner’s individual needs.
This is a first in South Africa and it is safe to say that there is no other salt water chlorinator that can beat the intelligence of this one.
TRi is more than a Salt Chlorinator, this is a system.


A more intelligent SWC
Easy to use interface
Upgradeable component – pH module
Easy access for electrode removal
Compact & aesthetically pleasing
Insect and heat resistant
Electronic menu available in English and Afrikaans
Built in timer
LED Display


Clearwater Ei Series Salt Chlorinators

Ei Series Salt Chlorinator“Ei” stands for Easy Intelligence. The Clearwater Ei represents a revolution in salt chlorination and boasts the latest in cutting edge technology. Most of the technology in this range comes straight from our flagship Clearwater TRi Series, so our entry level automatic reverse polarity chlorinators are now without a doubt class-leading!
The Clearwater Ei salt chlorinator ensures a healthy and sparkling pool and allows your consumer more time to actually enjoy their pool. It is compact, looks fantastic, and is packed with great features.


Multi language – can be set to English or Arikaans.
Warning display LED’s
No flow
Low Salt
Transparent housing to view chlorine production.
Automatic reverse polarity – low maintenance unit.
Quick and easy installation in less than 15 minutes


Clearwater D Series™ Salt Chlorinators

D Series Salt ChlorinatorClearwater Salt Chlorinators eliminate the routine of manually adding chlorine to your pool which gives you more time to relax and enjoy your pool. In fact, a Clearwater D Series ™ Chlorinator from Zodiac will eliminate most of the disadvantages usually associated with traditional methods of chlorinating pools. The Clearwater D Series™ Chlorinator is stylish in design and uncomplicated in operation.


LED display output meter.
High chlorine output to cater for most pool sizes.
Easy installation to new and existing pools.
Adjustable chlorine output control.
1 Year unconditional warranty – 36 month pro rata warranty!




Clearwater C Series™ Salt Chlorinators

C Series Salt ChlorinatorBy installing the Clearwater C Series™ Salt Chlorinator you’ll be able to save the time and money that you would have spent adding chlorine to your pool each day. This Salt Chlorinator automatically adjusts chlorine levels and is the perfect entry level salt chlorinator.


Chlorine meter and output control.
Easy installation.
Suits new and existing pools.
High chlorine output to cater for most pool sizes.
1 Year unconditional warranty – 36 month manufacturing defects warranty.